Paul Ferguson


Paul Ferguson


HIS Europe


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Hi Everyone! After working as a Japan Travel Specialist and sharing my love for tourism and Asia with my customers, I've well and truly caught the travel bug. Now I really want to broaden my field of speciality and knowledge for new places around the world so I can then give it back to anyone else who shares a love for travelling and is looking to jet off to new far away places. Reading Travel Weekly when it arrives at my desk each week gives me so many potential ideas for packages and excursions, and when I saw this competition to get a real hands on experience in the field I just had to jump at the chance! As well as travel I also share a passion for Social Media, something I've been able to put to good use at work with quadrupling the online following of HIS's European branch since working for them and would love to share a trip like this with everyone else too through any potential social networks. A trip like this would be worth its weight in gold to me, and I would be incredibly grateful if I was lucky enough.

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