Matthew Griffiths


Matthew Griffiths


East of England Co-operative

Tiptree, Essex

Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
I have, due to an illness recently diagnosed of my wife, only discovered cruising as a viable holiday in the last couple of years. She suffers from Severe Benign Positional Vertigo, meaning that at any time a change of air pressure, sudden movement, flash of light and a catalogue of other things can trigger an episode. Good and bad days can range from being virtually un-noticeable that there is an issue through to being bed-ridden and feeling sick just by moving her head - and everything in between. This gave me the thought that we'd try a short taster cruise with RCCL, to see if she'd A: cope with it and B: enjoy it. I shouldn't have worried, as she absolutely loved it. Since then we've been on a couple of cruises but I am yet to travel with, or even visit, a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. The itinerary is also one with places that I have never been. To be a cover star on his trip would allow me to give our small store a great amount of publicity, an abundance of knowledge that I'd be bringing back to my colleagues and, if you listened to my wife, a much-needed make-over!

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