Joseph nadin


Joseph nadin


M Zahid Travel


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
I been working for long time as travel consultant , I start working on 2007 in Aleppo Syrian moved to Beirut Lebanon 2012 and got job straight away as travel consultant , and after I moved to UK to run away from the war zone I worked very hard to learn English and apply for job to back on the same track travel consultant, feel always happy when I managed to get very good prices for my customers and always help them if they have any issues, my first travel agent job was on big travel agent three years later I moved to small travel agent , but not any more , with my management support we mangr to turn the whole business upside down, and many agents around England now making the booking though us and making where I working big agent name I can't describe how I feel every time I got very nice feedback from my agents or customers about the service I offer , sometimes more than over the moon

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