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Charlie Taylor


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Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Hello :) thank you for reading and hopefully voting ;) I would love the opportunity to board the Norwegian Sky and go on my first ever Educational to the amazing Miami & Bahamas. I have been with hays Travel just over a year and joined the company as part of their Academy Scheme, I have loved every moment of working with the company and have a great supportive team here in the Stockton Branch. I have had the chance to do a ship visit once which amazed me at the size of a cruise ship and I had an amazing day, I would love to get the opportunity to be on a ship and sale to these amazing places as without this opportunity I doubt id ever be able to see these places and go on a cruise as much as I would love to. Gaining first hand knowledge and experience on board will help me so much within my role and give me invaluable skills to help me in my job. I am passionate about travel and this started very early on when I flew out as a holiday representative overseas and travelled a lot of Greece however never had the opportunity to go to the USA and this would be the chance of a lifetime for me. I am a fun outgoing person with drive and enthusiasm and I believe I would fit in well on this Educational and gain so much knowledge to help me with my work. Please vote for me to be one of the lucky Travel Weekly Cover Stars 2019 :)

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