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Bethany Ellis Brandwood


arrangeMY escape


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
Although I am only new to the industry, my passion has been with me my whole life! I have enjoyed travelling from a young age, taking in every new destination I have been lucky enough to visit. My travel bug began when I completed my work experience for Century Travel in Cyprus at the age of 15 where they offered me a part time position while I was completing my education at school. I worked passionately for 2 years gaining customer skills and extending my cruise knowledge through CLIA. This is when I was introduced to the Travel Weekly magazines where I would scan them weekly for all the travel gossip! My dream after finishing my full time education was to start in the travel industry full time so I decided to pack my bags at the age of 17 and move from my home in Cyprus of 9 years back to the UK alone to discover the travel world on my own two feet. I began at arrangeMyescape here in Worcester in January 2018 when we are open our doors to the general public and my dreams came true. We get all kinds of enquiries coming through, giving me daily challenges, which I love! I feel very proud to work for a brand new independent agency, to be part of the team and creating a new brand in my home city. I think it would be a massive opportunity to be a Cover Star for 2019, not only will the experience give me more product knowledge and familiarise me of Miami and NCL Cruises but it will be a massive achievement for myself and arrangeMYescape within our first year. Within our first year we have been lucky enough to have participated in many travel events across the UK, so to participate with this amazing opportunity which doesn't come around every year would be a dream for me and the team (we are all big Travel Weekly Fans).

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