Anthony McGoldrick


Anthony McGoldrick


Thomas Cook


Why I want to be a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star
I would absolutely love to be a Travel Weekly Cover Star! I read the travel weekly every time it’s delivered. It’s such a good read on your lunch break. I’ve always wanted to apply to be a cover star but always shied away from it. I’m ready to win this time. The itinerary sounds amazing!! I’ve never been on a cruise apart from ship visits or to Miami (in fact any destination on the itinerary) or even flew with American Airlines or BA. This would be an absolute dream come true for me. NCL is one of my favourite cruise suppliers - the ships look incredible. I believe experiencing this type of trip for myself would benefit massively upon my return where I would be able to share my experience with my customers and promote the US and Norwegian cruise lines. I would absolutely love to be become a travel weekly coverstar !!

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