Check out those frontline travel sellers who want YOUR vote to ensure they make the final 12 and become a 2019 Travel Weekly Cover Star. Voting will open at 8am on Thursday, September 13 and will remain open for three weeks until the deadline of midnight on Thursday, October 4. Entries will continue to be accepted during the voting period.

Holly Harrison

Geraldine Delnevo

Matthew Griffiths

Elaine Aitken

Paul Ferguson

Bethany Ellis Brandwood

Katrina (Katie) Watt

Janice Abbott

Caroline Linton

Pauline Hill

Jasmine Marsh

Madalina Woods

David Cookson

Rhian Pryce

Kayleigh Ellis

Dannielle Mason

Kerry Bailey

Lauren Marubbi

Kelly hawkins

Aoife Brennan

Amy Hayler

Sally Booty


Anthony McGoldrick

Ellie Armstrong

Laura Garner

Stacey Dixon

Bethany Hogarth

Emily McGhee

Catherine Lornie

Charlie Taylor

Matthew Lamb

Jamie Louise Holmes

Jayne akiki

Megan Barker

Stephen Barker

Mary Isaac

Beth Morley-Jackson

Sue White

Connor James Knowles

Sophia Granger

Zoe Franklin

Joel Matthewman

Joseph nadin